Wednesday, 9 June 2010

R.I.O. Narrow Roads Music Video/Photo-shoot with WeAreDot (December)


This photo-shoot was on a November evening which turned out to be spontaneous, very exciting, unpredictable and rediculously COLD!!!!

I had intended on staying at the studio and working on the portfolio on this particular day which needed to be released to potential clients the following week, however it wasn't quite as straight forward as that............
I had been working on the portfolio in the nice warm office throughout the morning, quite glad that I didn't have to step foot in the 6 inches of snow that was continuously falling from the white sky. Just after dinner time we received a call from our photographer to let us know, that there was no way of him being able to make it in for work due to the snow, as he lived in the hills and it would be far too dangerous to walk to the train station, let alone drive.
This had left the WeAreDot team in a bit of a mess as they had a shoot in the afternoon. The snow had still not settled by the afternoon, and I said to my boss Dean,
"What are we going to do" he replied
"Well you have a camera don't you, you can do it" and to my shock I murmured
"eeerrrrmmmm yeah but..." and before I could finish he said "you'll be fine".

And so here are the results..............

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